Hello, I'm Wenyi,

a fullstack developer in Taiwan

Hello and welcome! My name is Wen Yi Chu (Chinese name: 朱文藝), one of many fullstack developers in Taipei, Taiwan.

With a Masters of Computer Science and Information Engineering (Taiwan University), I started focusing on building web applications since 2012 and have worked on many successful projects for small to medium sites, local e-commerce stores, and startups.

I have extensive experience in Rails Javascript Node Git AWS HTML5 CSS3 Sass PostgreSQL Nginx

The services I provide include but are not limited to personal portfolio company CMS e-commerce platform API efficient crawlers customized dashbaord big data ETL. I like to combine ideas from different disciplines and make new stuff.

Currently I'm running Super Parents, Call of Codes and Landing Pages Inspire.

Get in touch with me on Facebook to discuss how I can help to your business.

Super Parents 超級爸媽

A website to help parents quickly find next place to to visit and have a great time with their family.


Healthy local chicken, fresh taste, Taiwan’s blessed chicken.


A company that supports precision medical diagnosis with 3D pathology images.

司法博物館特展 - 臺灣近代女法官特展

The exhibition of the modern female judical officers in Taiwan.

Call of Codes

A place to web development, design news, trending stuff and resources.


A warm school excels in early childhood education

GAME'NIR 遊戲圖書館

A game renting library and member management system for GAME'NIR


A system for managing recharge of essential oil for Grace Valley


A hacker team to help boosting your crowdfunding project.

Sorako 彈幕

Bullet screen service, good for interactive exhibition / live event.


A website to help finding online courses you want

OK Design

Brand official website of interior decorator

Genchi Architecture

Brand official website of construction company


Unofficial website for Tainan travelling


A web service to help you buy the right product at right price.


A website containing information of hundreds of credit cards to help customer choose the right one.


A campaign website to enrich user's experience in offline exhibition. The campaign ask several questions and generate interactive pictures in real time.

Wen's Room

A place to keep my readings and findings, in long lists.

Joystairs Studio

April 2015 — Present

Taiwan, Taipei



June 2016 — June 2019

Taiwan, Taipei

Product Lead


September 2016 — February 2018

Taiwan, Taipei

Backend Engineer

Storm Media

April 2014 — 2015 March

Taiwan, Taipei

Technical Manager


November 2012 — 2014 March

Taiwan, Taipei

Web Engineer