Hello, I'm Wenyi,

a fullstack developer in Taiwan

Hello and welcome! My name is Wen Yi Chu (Chinese name: 朱文藝), one of many fullstack developers in Taipei, Taiwan.

With a Masters of Computer Science and Information Engineering (Taiwan University), I started focusing on building web applications since 2012 and have worked on many successful projects for small to medium sites, local e-commerce stores, and startups.

I have extensive experience in Rails Javascript Node Git AWS HTML5 CSS3 Sass PostgreSQL Nginx

The services I provide include but are not limited to personal portfolio company CMS e-commerce platform API efficient crawlers customized dashbaord big data ETL. I like to combine ideas from different disciplines and make new stuff.

Get in touch with me on Facebook to discuss how I can help to your business.

Super Parents 超級爸媽

A website to help parents quickly find next place to to visit and have a great time with their family.


Crowdfunding website for charity in Taiwan.

i-SPORTS 乒乓客

Official website for i-SPORTS Table tennis classrooms.


Healthy local chicken, fresh taste, Taiwan’s blessed chicken.


A company that supports precision medical diagnosis with 3D pathology images.

司法博物館特展 - 臺灣近代女法官特展

The exhibition of the modern female judical officers in Taiwan.

Call of Codes

A place to web development, design news, trending stuff and resources.


A warm school excels in early childhood education

GAME'NIR 遊戲圖書館

A game renting library and member management system for GAME'NIR


A system for managing recharge of essential oil for Grace Valley


A hacker team to help boosting your crowdfunding project.

Sorako 彈幕

Bullet screen service, good for interactive exhibition / live event.


A website to help finding online courses you want

OK Design

Brand official website of interior decorator

Genchi Architecture

Brand official website of construction company


Unofficial website for Tainan travelling


A web service to help you buy the right product at right price.


A website containing information of hundreds of credit cards to help customer choose the right one.


A campaign website to enrich user's experience in offline exhibition. The campaign ask several questions and generate interactive pictures in real time.

Wen's Room

A place to keep my readings and findings, in long lists.

Joystairs Studio

April 2015 — Present

Taiwan, Taipei



June 2016 — June 2019

Taiwan, Taipei

Product Lead


September 2016 — February 2018

Taiwan, Taipei

Backend Engineer

Storm Media

April 2014 — 2015 March

Taiwan, Taipei

Technical Manager


November 2012 — 2014 March

Taiwan, Taipei

Web Engineer